DiamondGlow Facial in Dearborn, MI

What is DiamondGlow®?

DiamondGlow® is customized specific to your concerns — combining a precision diamond tip to match your skins needs, 6 targeted Pro infusion serums to choose from, and a perfectly curated, at home regimen to keep your glow going. The patented, recessed diamond tip comes in 6 different designs to suit your skin. The diamond wand delivers a next level resurfacing treatment that deeply cleanses and rejuvenates. Each facial incorporates SkinMedica® fully customized serums that are infused into the skin when pores are most receptive. 

More Than a Glow. A Skin Transformation.

DiamondGlow® is a next-level, noninvasive skin-resurfacing treatment, designed to work with SkinMedica® to deliver rejuvenated, nourished, and healthy-looking skin. Our 3X1™ technology simultaneously exfoliates, extracts debris, and infuses serums to deliver targeted nourishment for radiant results that last. 


After 1 In-Office Treatment, Skin Appears:

Clearer, with Unclogged Pores
More Even in Tone


And Beyond, Improved Appearance of:

Fine Lines & Wrinkles
Roughness & Dryness
Dark Spots & Skin Discoloration
Dull, Congested Skin

Experience the DiamondGlow® Difference

This service exfoliates to uncover renewed skin, extracts to remove pore debris and infuses with nourishing pro serums all in one swift step. With consistent treatments, clients can expect to see drastic improvements in roughness, radiance, hyperpigmentation/photo damage and overall complexion.

When you choose Glow TF Up for your DiamondGlow® treatment, you're not only opting for a superior skincare experience but also entrusting your skin to our team of highly trained and dedicated estheticians. We are committed to helping you achieve your skin goals and providing a luxurious, relaxing environment for your treatment.

Book Your DiamondGlow® Appointment

Are you ready to transform your skin? Schedule your DiamondGlow® treatment at Glow TF Up today and discover the difference for yourself. Together, we can reveal your most radiant and rejuvenated complexion yet!

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